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Shayla is a spiritual coach, psychic and medium, and best-selling international author. Her abilities to connect with past loved ones and pets offer peace, comfort and healing. Shayla's passion and mission is to share important insights and guidance from a trusted and divine source. Connect, clear, balance, understand and gain clarity about your highest growth and purpose. 



When I lost my dog Sadie, my mediumship abilities grew, along with my connection with my own spirit guide. I was able to tap into the animal dimensional realm and learned that animals have guides as well. I can communicate with animals both living and passed over through their spirit guides. I can communicate messages to help pet owners better understand their pets. I became the voice for animals. Love is a powerful emotion, and through my love for my dog Sadie, I was able to unlock and tap into something so pure and loving.

How a pet reading works 

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Shayla was welcoming and kind. She took the time to explain what to expect during our session and we had complete privacy. I felt comfortable and relaxed. Shalya definitely helped me get clarity and make some big decisions. At first I wasn't sure and with some reflection I have had huge aha's! She is very gifted and I will go back for more once I take some action on what I learned so far! If you want the real deal with no fluff, I recommend her 100%

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