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Spirit's First Whisper: My Awakening Journey

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Experience healing and connection at Peace of You with Shayla’s expertise in spiritual coaching and psychic mediumship. Our focus on connecting with spirit guides and pets bring unique insights and transformative growth. Whether you’re seeking communication with departed loved ones, understanding, your spiritual journey, or desire peace and clarity, our personalized sessions are designed to guide you to your highest potential. Join us on a path to self-discoery and profound healing as we assist you in embracing your journey.


"Shayla knew things that I always questioned and things about my childhood. While Shayla was talking I could feel the healing taking place in my body. I have allowed her to be a part of major business and financial decisions and she has helped guide me to the best possible outcomes."



When coming to Shayla, I knew I was searching for something. What struck me immediately was her spirit and generosity. She so genuinely wanted to help me. It touched me how honest, loving and kind she was. The reading itself was Amazing! I received messages that have changed my experience of this life. I took my time writing this. I wanted to allow the information to be processed and integrated. It has been a game changer. I never feel alone anymore. I feel supported and loved. I look forward to working with Shayla in the future and sharing my experiences with others

Unlocking Memories: A Son's Guiding Light.


Q: What comprehensive services does Shayla offer for personal and spiritual growth?

 A: Shayla provides a deeply personalized journey into spiritual discovery and healing:

  •   Holistic Life Guidance: Offering insights into business dynamics, relationship nurturing, health optimization, and navigating life's pivotal decisions.

  •   Spiritual Connection: Deep connections with loved ones who've passed, wisdom from spirit guides, and messages from pets.

  •   Healing and Insight: Techniques for clearing soul trauma, fostering growth, revealing life's purpose, and exploring past life connections.

  •   Empowerment and Transformation: Empowering sessions designed for self-discovery and confident navigation of your journey.

  •   Curious about embarking on a transformative spiritual journey? "Discover the path that awaits you" Discovery Session


Q: What unique abilities does Shayla possess?

 A: Shayla's spiritual toolkit is vast, enabling profound insights and connections:

  •   Astral Projection & Remote Viewing: Exploring diverse realms and dimensions.

  •    Mediumship & Clairvoyance: Communicating with spirits and visualizing events or symbols pertinent to your life.

  •   Telepathy, Clairaudience, & Clairsentience: Receiving messages, hearing spiritual guidance, and feeling emotional and physical sensations.

  •   Claircognizance: A deep, intuitive knowing that brings clarity and truth to light.

  •   Wondering how these abilities can aid your spiritual journey? "Learn more about Shayla's gifts" Free Intro Call


Q: How often can I consult with Shayla for optimal growth?

A: The journey is unique for each individual, with flexible scheduling to match:

  •   Guidance on optimal session frequency for sustained growth.

  •    Customized plans to fit your personal and spiritual development needs.

  •   Regular check-ins to adapt the approach as you evolve.

  •   Ready to deepen your spiritual journey with regular guidance? "Schedule your consultation" Free Intro Call


Q: What if I need to cancel or reschedule my appointment?

A: Shayla understands life's unpredictability and offers flexible management of appointments:

  •   Easy online adjustments to your booking.

  •   Kindly request changes be made within 48 hours to accommodate others.

  •   Missed appointments and late cancellations policies in place to respect everyone's time.

  Need to make a change? Manage your appointment here


Q: Are sessions available virtually or only in person?

 A: Shayla meets you where you are, offering both virtual and in-person sessions:

  •   Zoom sessions for convenience and accessibility.

  •    In-person sessions for those seeking a more traditional connection.

  •   Flexible formats to suit your preference and lifestyle.

  •    Exploring the best format for your needs? View session options

Q: What time zone are you in for booking?

A: The Booking calendar will automatically change into your local time zone.

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