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Peace Of  You

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Do you feel stuck and lack motivation? Are you struggling with emotions of exhaustion, overwhelm, and frustration? Or regret and grief? Are you seeking direction and looking for answers to what you need to do to move forward and live with more purpose and fulfilment?  

I have the ability to connect with your spiritual guides, your passed loved ones, and a pure divine source to share insights and wisdom to serve your highest growth, purpose and potential.  

We don’t have to go through life feeling alone and misunderstood. Find peace, validation and meaning to unleash your soul energy and be a creator of your life rather than a manager of your fears.

About Peace Of You

Shayla is a spiritual coach, psychic and medium, and best-selling international author. Her abilities to connect with past loved ones and pets offer peace, comfort and healing. Shayla's passion and mission is to share important insights and guidance from a trusted and divine source. Connect, clear, balance, understand and gain clarity about your highest growth and purpose. 


Healing Stones
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