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Everything you need to know to understand Shayla.

Who is Shayla

Shayla Is a well known and established psychic medium and best selling international author who has a story like no other. She has traveled around the world with her abilities bringing healing, clarity and closure to many. 


"I am able to channel and speak with spirit. I channel intuitive wisdom from a higher source to eliminate past limiting beliefs, patterns, and emotional blocks. I can reveal the source of the trauma at a certain age or a past life. My mission is to help you heal and create a life of fulfillment by accessing your highest potential."




 What type of things does Shayla cover?

Shayla covers a variety of things all relevant to your current growth and needs to move forward
-Current life Ex. Business, relationships, health, decisions, information on kids & pets.
-Loved ones who've passed

-Clearing of soul trauma

--Insights for your growth and highest learning and purpose

-Connect with your guides on the other side

-past life (who you were and what your purpose was~How it ties into your life path today

What abilities do you have?

Astral projection where I can go to different places and realms. As well as remote viewing.

Mediumship to communicate with spirit and passed loved ones

Clairvoyance ability to see things and events through visions. 

Telepathy: Receiving thoughts and communication that create instant knowing and meaning.

Clairaudience ability to hear spirit which is second nature to me

Clairsentience ability to feel and understand emotions and feelings. Often spirit takes me through experiences and events where all my senses tap into your experience including smell, sight, thoughts, and feelings and emotions you felt. I often go through a persons passing to understand their transition.

Claircognizance: Deep understanding and knowing of truth. Strong intuition.



Do I need to have specific questions to receive guidance?

No, I allow spirit to speak freely and bring forth information about your life. All you need to do is sit back and relax. Watch as information unfolds for you and your spirit guide's personality comes to life. 


How do I pay in a different currency ? 


You can pay using PayPal this will automatically take your currency and convert it into CAD. When checking out you choose the manually option instead of credit or debit. 


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