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Peace Of  You

  • Certified dog trainer 

  • Vet assistant 

  • Pet first aid 

  • Pet Medium 


My passion for dogs started when I was 9 years old. I saw a commercial on TV about dogs in need. I was so emotionally moved to help that I started my own dog sitting business and all the money I earned, I donated to my local animal shelter. Eventually, I got my own dog Sadie which lead me into dog training. I become a certified dog trainer as well as a vet assistant. 


The beautiful thing about pets are they provide unconditional love.  They are very healing and grounding, especially for those who have anxiety. They have personally given me more purpose and meaning to life. Animals are a blessing and a gift and I know many people share this belief. For these reasons I have decided to use my psychic abilities and mediumship exclusively for animal readings. I have had a successful career doing readings with people and can see a need for owners to connect with their pets. It is also where my highest passion resides. My clientele includes veterinarians, shelters, and pet owners. Pet's can't communicate what they are feeling and experiencing. To know what to do to heal our pets or improve their quality of life, or why they are behaving strangely is often something a costly vet visit cannot uncover and that can be frustrating and even devastating.

I am able to tap into the animal dimension and communicate with their guides whether they are still with us or passed over. 


Are you feeling frustrated about your pets health? Have you tried multiple costly vet visits, trying to gain answers and get to the root cause, yet things have not improved or gotten worse? Feeling guilty or confused around your pet passing and not understanding what happened? Is your new pet having a hard time adjusting to their new home? Are you wondering what is driving their odd or disruptive behaviour and how to correct it? I am here to help clarify and provide answers. Through my ability to communicate with spirit guides, I can vocalize what your pet is thinking and what their needs and wants are. I use this gift to help other pet owners get to the root cause of health, behaviours, trauma triggers, pet's history, and how to correct them. 

I can also communicate with pet's that have passed on, which can offer peace and comfort.

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Shayla is amazing! I have had 2 pet readings now to deal with my dogs anxiety after his dad passed. Shayla was so accurate, she could see my dog Bear's stress and something to be concerned about on his left side during the first reading. About 4 months later, Bear became quite sick, his calcium levels were elevated, we are scheduled to see a radiologist next week. She offered great advice to help Bear's nervousness and offer comfort to him. Shayla was also clearly able see a new puppy would be coming right away for my daughter, but not breed we were looking at, close but a different mix. Well, 2 days later the perfect fit of a little puppy came along. Ironically, the breeders had named her 'Angel'
I so appreciate Shayla's gift and highly recommend her for readings.

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How a pet reading works 

Pet/Animal Reading-Living or past

Appointments are done over zoom

30 Min Session


  • I communicate with your pet through their spirit guide. This can be done with the date of birth or by connecting with your spirit guide and energy.

  • Uncover Health issues & challenges.

  • Understand the root of behavioural issues and how to correct them.

  • Nutritional plan for your pet.

  • Learn the history of your rescue pet.

  • Clarity and peace around your pets passing.

  • Needs & wants of your pet. 

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