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Terms And Conditions

  1. Scope of Services: When you engage with Peace Of You, you're agreeing to our terms, which encompass all offerings detailed on our site.

  2.  Payment and Fees: Full payment at booking is required, with fees being non-refundable, subject to change notice.


   3. Booking and Cancellation: Schedule appointments          ahead of time; cancellations within 48 hours of the            session will forfeit fees.

    4.Confidentiality: We strictly protect your privacy,              sharing information only as legally necessary.


   5. Disclaimer: Our services are for entertainment and          personal insight, not to replace professional or medical      advice.

    6. Client Responsibility: You're encouraged to use the          insights responsibly, as we're not liable for decisions          made post-session.

    7. Copyright: Our website's content is copyright-protected; unauthorized use is prohibited.

    8. Governing Law: Governed by Canadian law,                 disputes are resolved through arbitration.

    9. Modification of Terms: We may update these terms            without notice.

   10. Contact: Reach out with questions or concerns via          our provided email.

   Acknowledgment of these terms is assumed with service     use.

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