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Evolving into the animal whisperer.

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At Peace Of You, as a pet medium, I specialize in facilitating communication between pet owners and their beloved animals. Using my intuitive abilities, I connect with pets on a deep soul level, allowing them to express their thoughts, feelings, and needs. Whether it's resolving behavioural issues, understanding their desires, or providing comfort during illness or after crossing over, I serve as a compassionate intermediary between pets and their human caregivers. By speaking directly to pets and translating their messages, I help foster understanding, harmony, and mutual love within the human-animal bond, enriching the lives of both pets and their owners.

Shayla with dogs

"In October of last year, Bear had surgery to remove his thyroid. This would not have been on anybody's radar until it would have been too late for Bear. It is only because of Shayla that we were able to find out my dog had cancer and get it removed. I am forever grateful for Shayla and her amazing talents. I highly recommend a pet reading. Thank you, Shayla."



Shayla is truly gifted and I've been fortunate enough to have had several readings from her which have changed my life for the better. This past reading was for my dog, Ella. I was very sceptical about the reading, and couldn't imagine that Shayla was powerful enough and had the skill set to read a dog's spirit but we had nothing to loose. We were going nowhere with the vet's, my dog was getting very ill and was in severe pain and we needed answers quickly. We have struggled for years with Ella's health. I can't count the number of vet's she's seen and the amount of money we have paid to try to figure out her illness. Shayla was bang on!! Thankfully Shayla pointed us in the right direction and we have complete faith that our sweet fur baby will have a much brighter future all because of her.

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Unlock Your Pet's Secrets: Deepen Your Bond with Pet Mediumship.

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Q: Does my animal need to be in the room for our Zoom call?

A: No

Q: I have other pets in the home, what should I do with them?

A: Your pets can go about their daily routine. No need to separate or remove your other pets from the home

Q: How does Pet mediumship work? And how do you communicate messages?

A: I connect with your animal's spirit guide to deliver messages about an animal that is alive or passed


Q: What Kind of insights can you provide about my pet?

A: Understanding their emotions, feelings, preferences, well begin needs or desires. Gaining clarity on behavioural issues or challenges. Receive guidance on how to improve your bond and communication with your pet. Receive messages from a pet who has passed away to receive closure. Receive validation and reassurance on your pet's personality, quirks and unique qualities. Insights on pet's past experiences or previous life. Identify any potential health concerns or discomfort your pet may be experiencing

Q: Do you work with all types of animals, or are you specialized in specific species?

A: I work with all animals


Q: Is pet mediumship similar to communicating with humans, or are there differences?

A: It is very similar in the way of how I communicate and receive information. Humans are a lot more complex than pets which is why the sessions are longer 

Q: Can pet mediumship help with behavioural issues or health concerns?

A: Yes 

Q: How often should I schedule a session with you for my pet?

A: The choice is up to you and what feels right. 

Q: What time zone are you in for booking?

A: The Booking calendar will automatically change into your local time zone.



Pet Reading

Single Session

Deepen your bond with a single pet session! Connect with your furry friend like never before. Gain insights and strengthen your relationship.


Uncovering Your Pet's Past

Single Session

Delve into Your Pet's Past!  Unlock the mysteries of your furry friend's history with our Pawspective service. Discover their journey, uncover their story, and deepen your connection like never before. Embark on a heartwarming adventure of discovery with your beloved companion. 


Shelter Spirit Companions

Partnering with shelter animals to offer behavioural insights, training, and healing techniques. Empowering pets for a happier, healthier life

Offering shelter animals support with behavioral challenges, health needs, and trauma healing. Helping pets find their forever homes with love and understanding.

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