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Guiding Little Spirits

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In personalized sessions, Shayla provides dedicated support to both children and parents, tailoring guidance to their unique needs. Children receive nurturing guidance to explore their inner selves, enhance communication skills, and foster resilience. Meanwhile, parents receive emotional support, practical tools, and insights to strengthen their bond with their child and navigate parenthood with confidence.


"Even if you're not hearing what you think you want to hear in that moment, Shayla is going to tell you what you need to hear in life right now. This experience is not something that can be faked she will tell you things that nobody else knows. It's a beautiful experience, it's amazing, it's powerful, one thousand percent book with Shayla."



Shayla was able to connect me with my mother who passed which was so healing for me. She also helped me understand things with my personal life, and how to manage my emotions. Talked about different techniques to ground my energy.

Beyond Limits: Helping Kids Thrive.


Q: How can you help special needs kids function better in their environment?

A: I provide tools and support to help children and parents manage emotional and physical outbursts effectively.


Q: What support do you offer for improving communication skills in children?

A: I help children enhance communication with friends and teachers, foster creativity, and navigate social interactions.


Q: How do you assist with self-care routines and maintenance?

A: I offer guidance on establishing self-care routines and provide strategies for maintaining them.


Q: Do you provide support for parents of special needs children?

A: Yes, I offer emotional support and a customized toolkit to strengthen the parent-child relationship and navigate challenges together.


Q: How do you help foster children overcome trauma?

A: I provide communication skills and coping tools tailored to the child's needs, fostering healing and creating a peaceful environment.


Q: What support do you offer foster parents in understanding their children's past and trauma triggers?

A: I offer guidance and insights to help foster parents understand their children's past experiences and navigate trauma triggers effectively.


Q: How can you help divorced parents support their child through the transition?

A: Through coaching sessions with spirit guidance, I assist divorced parents and children in communicating effectively and navigating the transition with support.


Q: How do you support individuals dealing with grief?

A: I provide guidance and support to help individuals heal from grief and move forward, connecting them with their spirit guides and passed loved ones.


Q: What can I expect from a session with you for children and parents?

A: You'll receive insights and guidance, connect with your spirit guide, address challenges, heal, clear timelines, remove blocks, and connect with passed loved ones.


Q: Do children need to be present for the session?

A: No, younger children's information can be shared with parents. I can connect with your child's spirit guide through your energy or by date of birth.


 Q: How can you help young adults develop a better connection with their inner self?

 A: I facilitate the development of awareness and connection with their inner self, meeting their spirit guides, and receiving messages.


Q: Do you offer connections with deceased family members or friends for young adults?

A: Yes, I help young adults connect with deceased family members or friends, offering insights on significant relationships.

Q: How can you assist my child with learning disabilities?

A: I specialize in identifying unique learning patterns and tailoring strategies to adapt their learning style to the curriculum effectively.


Q: My child experiences sleep paralysis. How can you help?

A: By addressing the root cause of the sleep paralysis and clearing energetic blockages, I aim to improve sleep quality while providing guidance and insights.


Q: My child is struggling in school/daycare. How can your services help?

A: I understand that traditional education systems may not meet every child's needs. I'll collaborate with teachers and parents to establish supportive routines tailored to your child's learning style.


Q: How can I feel more connected to my child with a disability?

A: Through spiritual insights, I can offer guidance on understanding your child's needs and desires, fostering a stronger parent-child relationship and creating an environment where both can thrive.



Child/Youth Session

Single Session

Discover the magic of Child Spirit Guide Session. Tailored for kids under 18, it offers insights, guidance, and connection with their spirit team. Empowering children to embrace their spiritual journey.


Parental Intuitive Guidance 

Single Session

Elevate your parenting with Parental Intuitive Guidance. Gain insights and tools to support your child's unique needs, even without their direct involvement. Empowerment for every parent.


Parent Guidance Package

3 Sessions

Empower your parenting journey with our 3-session Parental Guidance Package. Dive deeper, receive ongoing weekly support, and navigate parenthood with confidence and clarity. Tailored sessions for lasting transformation.

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